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How Teachers Support Personalized Learning

Role of teachers in personalized learning

For many  schools worldwide, classrooms have more or less maintained a standard approach to learning and teaching that expects all students to absorb the subject matter at the same pace. In this type of classroom, students get few  opportunities for individual attention to ask questions, dig deeper into subject matter, or feel challenged.

Although this traditional approach has been around for a while, new teaching techniques and methods have gained popularity, particularly in international schools. These systems recognize that each student is unique and may require individual or personalized support in the classroom to tap into their potential, helping to open more potential future pathways than ever before.

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Personalized learning in the classroom is an approach to learning that challenges the traditional classroom approach where the teacher or even the textbook is often the focus of the learning. At NIS, we believe that each student is an individual with individual needs, and personalized learning is how teachers can support and nurture each student's individual needs.


What is personalized learning in the classroom?


Personalized learning is an approach to learning in the classroom that focuses on aligning the student’s learning experience with their individual needs, interests and abilities. 

This approach considers each student's unique needs, personalizes a teaching and assessment plan to support them, and helps students stay on track to fulfill the requirements to earn their high school diploma, and, hopefully the IB Diploma as well.


Benefits of Personalized learning in the classroom


Personalized learning gives each student more of an  opportunity to learn and receive an education based as much as possible on their interests and abilities. Some of the many benefits of this approach to learning include:

  • Because the learning can seem more relevant to their needs, students often develop a more positive attitude toward learning in the classroom resulting from the support of their teachers and the space to gain a deeper conceptual understanding of the subject matter, which also results in fostering lifelong learning.

  • Students take more responsibility for their learning experiences, teaching them how to self-advocate.

  • Personalized learning actually promotes collaboration between students in the classroom as they explore topics together and apply their understanding in meaningful ways.

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Personalized learning at NIS - Student Services


At NIS, our Student Services department works collaboratively to support students using various areas of expertise, including personalized learning in the classroom. Student services ensure that each student has the opportunity to succeed by inspiring and empowering all our students to think creatively and critically, pursue lifelong learning, and contribute positively to the global community. 

The Student Services department at NIS uses a range of assessments to identify students' needs. These assessments are used in addition to a range of processes that include discussions with teachers, students and parents, and classroom observations. 

At NIS, all staff  develop personalized learning and are  actively engaged in finding ways to remove barriers students may face to access the curriculum. They work with the Student Services department to help address issues and support students' needs in the following areas:

  • Cognition and Learning
  • Communication and Interaction
  • Sensory and Physical
  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health

At NIS, we believe that inclusion and diversity are at the heart of what makes our school a special place and our Student Services team plays a significant role in finding opportunities to celebrate our diverse community. 

The Student Services team is committed to ensuring that the strengths and interests of each student are recognized and valued, and any challenges they face are recognized and addressed. 

By providing personalized learning experiences in the classroom, we at NIS can maintain our commitment to providing equal opportunities to all its students to gain conceptual understanding and excel academically.

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