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How Attending an International Preschool Before Kindergarten Helps Children Learn English

October 13, 2022


Glossary of International Education Terms

September 21, 2022


Summer is for Reading! - Part 2

July 8, 2022

On the busy “Inner Ring” road, a few blocks north of Imaike intersection (and Imaike station!), sits a building with a uniquely inviting facade,..

Summer is for Reading! - Part 1

July 1, 2022

Whether you are packing your bags for a trip or staying close to home, summer is for reading! Every June, when summer vacation rolls around, so do..

Supporting Pathways Beyond NIS

June 17, 2022

One of the essential questions on the minds of prospective families when considering school options is, “What kind of choices will my child have for..

Meet the Staff - Wakaba Ueda, PYP Music Teacher

June 9, 2022

Ms. Ueda has been a music teacher for the PYP through some difficult times with COVID. It prevented students from singing, but she got creative and..

Dolphin Tales - What are they up to?

June 3, 2022

Since its establishment in 1964, more than 4,000 students have studied at Nagoya International School and over 800 have graduated. With our new..

School-Supported Self-Taught (SSST) Language at Nagoya International School

June 2, 2022

Within the IBDP subject structure, students are required to take six subjects in addition to three core elements, which include Studies in Language..

Meet the Staff: Nate Gildart, Individuals and Societies and DP History Teacher

May 20, 2022

Mr. Gildart is a student favorite! His passion for teaching stretches beyond the classroom, and he can often be found mentoring his students at MUN..

International Schools: An Innovative Alternative to the Japanese School System

May 2, 2022


Meet the Staff: Nina Radcliffe, PYP Coordinator

April 14, 2022

Our teachers have such interesting backgrounds! Read more about Ms. Nina and how her love of archeology morphed into a love of teaching and how all..

Comparing Preschool Choices in Japan

April 13, 2022


Meet the Staff: Gary Horner, Secondary Science

March 31, 2022

NIS is fortunate to have several IB consultants, evaluators, and curriculum developers on staff at NIS. Gary Horner, our Department Learning Leader..

Under the Cherry Blossoms: Cultural and Spiritual Meaning of Sakura

March 22, 2022

“If there were no more cherry blossoms in the world, the spirit of spring would be more peaceful.” This poem by the Heian-period poet Narihira..

Why Teaching Well-Being is Important

March 10, 2022

At NIS, we take the idea of our students’ Well-Being as paramount. It is defined by the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile and the UN..