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Dolphin Tales - What are they up to?

dolphintales-1Since its establishment in 1964, more than 4,000 students have studied at Nagoya International School and over 800 have graduated. With our new alumni feature “Dolphin Tales” we are proud to introduce the "now" of these alumni - where are they and what are they up to?

Kumudra (Class of 2014), works in research and development for a major car manufacturer in San Francisco. She is aiming to simultaneously achieve carbon neutrality and transportation convenience for all.

Rika (Class of 2012), passed her bar exam and is working as a trainee lawyer at an international law firm in London.

Eimi (Class of 2015) wants to be involved in the community and continues to actively meet and help local people as a volunteer while working in external development for an international non-profit organization in New York City.

Kanon (Class of 2016) works as an analyst for a consulting firm in London, primarily on environmental and energy issues.

Mizuho (Class of 2009) is working as an editor in the Tokyo office of a major scientific journal helping chemistry-related research to get published.

Jubei (Class of 2018) is a recent grad of a university in Tokyo and (at the time of the interview) is excited about his future career as a game designer.

Taiga (Class of 2020) is enjoying meeting new friends at his university in Seattle, where face-to-face classes have finally started. He is busy balancing academics and sports.

Wakana (Class of 2021) is studying international relations and politics at a university in The Hague, Netherlands. She is maneuvering the challenges of studying at a large university and is a bit overwhelmed by the amount of coursework she has but enjoying her independence and meeting people from around the world.

Some students have spent 15 years at NIS, from preschool to high school graduation. Others entered in middle school or high school. Whether at NIS for a short time or for their entire school life, all are pursuing their own dreams and goals and making contributions to their local communities and the world.

The weekly "Dolphin Tales" follows the current lives of Nagoya International School alumni, whether they graduated decades ago or have just recently graduated. We hope you will continue to enjoy it.

Nagoya International School has been sending graduates out into the world for nearly 60 years. This year, the day has come again for our students to start a new chapter in their lives. This year, 31 young people from 16 countries took their first steps. We are very proud of our graduates who spent more than half of their high school years during the global pandemic. They overcame many difficulties while adapting to an unknown environment and they were strong and resilient. We are sure that wherever they find themselves in the future, they will never forget their desire to learn and contribute to the creation of a peaceful and better world.

You can see where our graduates will go on to higher education HERE.


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