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Three Benefits of a Diverse Campus for Your Children


At Nagoya International School (NIS), we embrace the benefits of a diverse student body and the benefits of diversity in the classroom and use them to enhance our student experience in many long-lasting ways.  

Before exploring how we embrace multiculturalism, you may be wondering, why a diverse student body is so important for my children? What are the benefits of my children being a part of a campus rich in diversity? What are the educational benefits of diversity?


The Importance of Diversity in Schools

What do we mean when we talk about diversity in schools? 

To us, diversity is anything that makes us different from each other; we see our differences as a strength, that individuality is something to honor, celebrate and to be proud of - not to shy away from. 

Diversity can appear in the classroom in many different ways including:

  • Race 
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Ability
  • Age

Below, we explore three reasons why your children will benefit from a diverse campus.

How diversity in education benefits students


Below, we’ve outlined three key aspects of your children’s educational experience that are positively impacted by the benefits of diversity in schools.

Each feature highlights the importance of diversity in education and why NIS is dedicated to providing a diverse learning environment for all of our students.


1. An Enhanced Educational Experience


Students who are exposed to diversity in education are introduced to many new people, languages, perspectives, cultures, and more. While this ultimately makes them more knowledgeable about the world around them, it also teaches them fundamental life lessons.

Studies have shown many benefits of diversity in the classroom, with one such benefit being that students who are a part of a diverse campus are better equipped to concentrate and push themselves further when there are people of other backgrounds working with them. This is a result of them being comfortable with people from all walks of life and is but one example of the positive effects of diversity in the classroom.

Are you interested in how we incorporate diversity and multicultural awareness into our curriculum? Click here


2. Better Equipped to Navigate their Career


A diverse classroom undoubtedly results in an enhanced academic experience for our students.

Studies have shown that students’ exposure to other diverse learners has a substantial impact on improving their cognitive skills, including critical thinking and problem solving abilities. 

Additionally, a study of major international employers found that 96% of employers deemed it “important” that employees be “comfortable working with colleagues, customers, and/or clients from diverse cultural backgrounds”.

At NIS, we recognize the importance of diversity in the classroom, and teach our students and staff to embrace our multicultural student body. By celebrating our diversity, as well as our encouragement of collaboration in the classroom, your children will be introduced to experiences that will prepare them for their lives after school. Click here to discover the four benefits of an international education for multicultural children.


3. Increased Intercultural and Multicultural Knowledge, Understanding, and Empathy


The workforce your children will be entering will be much like it is now: diverse and full of ever-changing and adapting challenges. But for those who are prepared for it, these hurdles present an exciting opportunity.

Many studies discussed above have shown the benefits of multicultural familiarity and knowledge as well as the benefits of diversity in education in their academics and careers, but research has also found students equipped with this awareness have increased interpersonal skills such as empathy. This is a critical skill for cohesion in the classroom and in the workplace.

Now that you see the tremendous benefits of diversity in the classroom and why a diverse student body is so important, we invite you to take a look at how an international education will help your children find, nurture, and embrace their multicultural identity.


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