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The International School Advantage: Why It's the Right Choice in Nagoya


International School Advantage

Do you know what the benefits of enrolling in an international school are for expatriate children?


What are the Benefits of Enrolling in an International School in Japan?

International schools have emerged as educational institutions specifically designed to support expatriates and their children and have a rich history rooted in their purpose to support families in navigating global transitions. Originally formed to bridge the gap between different educational systems, these schools provided a familiar environment for students, ensuring continuity in their education despite geographical relocations. Over time, international schools have evolved into leaders in the educational industry, setting the standard for academic excellence. Today, they continue to push the boundaries of what it means to be a great school, embracing innovative teaching methodologies, fostering cultural diversity, and preparing students for success in an interconnected world.

When families move to Japan from other parts of the world, the advantage of international schools becomes more important than ever. Parents want their children to be safe, happy, and included in their new environment, but they also have expectations about the quality of education their children receive. 

The benefits of enrolling in an international school are numerous for children's education and overall development. These benefits include:

  • A curriculum that sets the bar for what a top-rate education should be
  • A community that understands the unique challenges expatriates face and can help students and parents alike feel settled and comfortable in their new home
  • An inclusive and welcoming environment that looks beyond borders and embraces the wonders of a globalized world 

Did you know not all international schools are created equal? One critical factor for expatriate parents to consider is the importance of choosing an accredited international school. Accreditation ensures the school meets rigorous educational standards, guaranteeing a recognized curriculum, qualified staff, suitable facilities, and a conducive learning environment. To take full advantage of international schools, it is crucial to select an institution like Nagoya International School (NIS). NIS stands out as a leading institution in Japan, prioritizing academic excellence and holistic development - with globally recognized accreditations and a history of impressive student performance.

Benefits of Enrolling in an International School in Japan

There are many benefits of enrolling in an international school for expatriate children, one of which is providing them with a unique opportunity to study at a world-class school, preparing them for an ever-increasing connected and inclusive world within the comfort of a community that provides critical support, all while experiencing an education that is similar - if not better - than their academic experience back home.


Comprehensive and Globally Recognized Curriculum

What makes international schools like NIS a perfect choice for expatriate families? Our proven track record of excellence inspires confidence in our families that their children will receive a top-notch educational experience while studying abroad.

Accreditations: NIS holds accreditations from renowned international educational bodies, ensuring that the school adheres to the highest education standards. This accreditation gives our families confidence that their children will receive a world-class education, even if they are only a part of our community for a brief time. NIS is an IB World School, fully (and jointly) accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). These accreditations validate the quality of education provided by NIS and provide reassurance to parents that they are making the right choice for their children's education.

Curriculum foundations: The curriculum foundations at NIS are based on the International Baccalaureate (IB), an internationally recognized curricular framework. The IB curriculum not only focuses on academic excellence but also places emphasis on critical thinking, creativity, and holistic development. The IB curriculum is designed to develop well-rounded students, nurturing their intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills. By using this globally recognized curriculum as a framework, NIS ensures that students receive an education that aligns with international standards and prepares them for future academic and professional endeavors.

Learn more about the IB curriculum at NIS here.

Inquiry-based: Inquiry-based learning is a cornerstone of the educational approach at NIS. Inquiry-based learning encourages students to explore, question, and develop a deep understanding of concepts. Rather than passively absorbing information, students actively participate in their learning process. This approach fosters independent thinking, problem-solving skills, and a life-long love for learning. By engaging in inquiry-based learning, our students develop critical thinking skills essential in today's rapidly changing world.


A Warm and Welcoming Community

One of the many benefits of enrolling in an International school like NIS is the dedication to fostering a warm and welcoming community. The shared experience of being expatriates creates a sense of camaraderie among families, with experienced expatriate families supporting newcomers as they enter a new chapter of their lives. NIS understands the importance of community support during the transition to a new country, and actively cultivates an environment that encourages connections and friendships.

A Warm and Welcoming Community

New families at NIS will find ample opportunities to engage with the community through parent groups, volunteering, and school events. These interactions not only provide a support network for new families but also allow opportunities to connect with other expatriate parents who understand the unique challenges and joys of living abroad. Building relationships within the NIS community helps new families feel at home in Nagoya and create a network of friends who can provide guidance and support throughout their time in Japan, an essential advantage of international schools.

Learn more about how international schools like NIS support students as they transition into this exciting new adventure.


Embracing Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Cultural Understanding

While embracing diversity, inclusiveness, and cultural understanding may not be at the forefront of a parent’s concerns, it is essential to highlight the long-term benefits for children. As they interact with peers from various backgrounds at NIS, they will develop a broader perspective and learn to appreciate different cultures. This exposure prepares them for future endeavors in multicultural workplaces, equipping them with invaluable skills to navigate global challenges and peer interactions.

A benefit of enrolling in an international school is an internationally minded education that fosters open-mindedness and encourages children to value and embrace differences. It empowers children to recognize the unique strengths of diverse individuals and utilize cultural understanding to their advantage. By fostering a multicultural environment, NIS ensures that children develop the skills necessary to thrive in an interconnected world. This is a prime example of the advantage of international schools for expatriate children. 


Explore how Nagoya International School can provide an exceptional educational experience for your children.

If you are seeking an exceptional educational experience for your children and considering a family move to Nagoya, Nagoya International School should be at the top of your list. By choosing to enroll in an international school like NIS, you can provide your children with a globally recognized curriculum, exposure to diverse cultures, and a warm, welcoming community ready to support you and your family as you navigate your transition into Japan.

At NIS, your children will receive a top-tier education backed by globally recognized accreditations and a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, and holistic development. They will have the opportunity to engage with a diverse community of students and build lifelong connections. NIS will prepare them for the global challenges of the future, enabling them to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. Take advantage of the benefits of enrolling in an international school and feel confident to embrace the adventure of life in Japan as an expatriate.

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