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Student Shines on International Stage

A girl handing documents to a man on the stage at the UN Kyoto Congress

In an exciting culmination of her role as Chair of the Youth Forum, Mina completed her duties by presenting to the general assembly of the 14th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. She addressed the delegates who had just arrived to start their week of discussions aimed at creating joint solutions across diverse areas of crime and crime prevention. The areas of concern ranged from such broad issues as the illicit animal trade to cybersecurity to organized crime and beyond. Mina’s speech occurred at the opening plenary session with a line-up of speakers that she complimented with her composure and conviction. In fact, her speech was positioned between Prime Minister Suga and Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado!

But Mina had important work to do. She was there to represent the hard work put in by the youth delegates in the week prior to the Congress. With an overarching theme of “Youth Engagement for Our Safe and Secure Society: towards Achieving the SDGs,” Mina made the case for why the voice of her fellow youth delegates was an important element in the work on which they were about to embark. After her speech, one of the Rapporteurs from the Youth Forum then read out the summaries and recommendations across the three subtopics discussed (see prior blogpost ). Mina then officially presented their recommendations to Mr. John Brandolino, the Executive Secretary of the 14th UN Crime Congress.

NIS is incredibly proud of Mina! As the youngest of the youth delegates involved in the Forum, she represented her fellow delegates, her school, her family and herself with dignity and confidence, knowing that what they accomplished would truly translate to a better world in which to live. 

To watch her closing remarks, please go here or catch a recap of the event here.

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