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Economic Systems and Classroom Libraries

Picture from Gr. 3 Book Sale

The traditional Grade 3 Market Day took a twist this year when the Grade 3s identified a big problem - their classroom libraries were a mess! There were damaged books, books that were no longer interesting, and some that just didn't fit! It was getting hard to find the books they wanted in the messy piles!

Tying their Unit to a Real Need

The students learned about the concept of supply and demand, how it affects the prices of goods and services, and how economic systems work in their UOI "How We Organize Ourselves." This motivated them to use their knowledge and skills to sell the old books in the class library and purchase new books and update each classroom library in Primary.

First, they sorted the books. It was a long, painstaking process to sort and organize nearly 1000 books(!), but they pulled it off! Next, they brainstormed information and conducted market research. They did an elementary-wide survey using a google form because, of course, they had to "know their market" to resupply the classroom libraries with the books that were interesting to each class! With the survey, they could also figure out what the students wanted to do with the unwanted books - "sell," recycle or donate.

Then, they decided to have a big book sale with pretend money to sell their "products" (books) and also to offer "services," in the form of read-aloud sessions. They worked on their persuasive writing to effectively advertise their products and services.

Putting their Skills to the Test

On the big day, they used their learned concepts like supply and demand as they lowered the prices towards the end to entice their classmates to buy the overabundance of books. Marketing through colorful signs and persuasive sales techniques were other skills they learned! Grade 3 students will now be in charge of creating new book recommendations to help fill the Elementary classroom libraries with excellent NEW books based on their market research! They will use their budgeting skills as they develop their proposal and apply their persuasive writing skills to convince Ms. Johnson to get the books that they want to buy. 

Watch this video as students reflect on their process of rebuilding their classroom libraries.


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